A Proud Tradition of Excellence

A Proud Tradition of Excellence

Anystate Academy is a private academic institution, located in the center of Anytown. We have a proud tradition of academic excellence. Our students are tomorrow's future leaders. With an emphasis on character development and ethics, Anytown Academy is known for its outstanding student body and skilled staff.

We offer a stimulating learning environment to all students. Our classrooms are print rich and use rubrics to ensure clear expectations for all students. Our English Language Development and Bilingual classes support the linguistic needs of our multicultural student body. We are state certified high achievement school that was recently recognized by Governor Jones for academic excellence. All of our classrooms are equipped with computers and the latest software to ensure that our students are prepared for the future.

The Anytown Academy staff believes that its primary purpose is to educate each student to the highest possible level of academic achievement by providing an appropriate curriculum in a safe, healthy environment. We are committed to helping students grow emotionally and develop social skills. We believe in creating an environment that encourages learning and social growth through character building and high expectations.

Our Mission
The mission of Anytown Academy is to help every child reach his or her potential by fostering academic growth, personal growth, and tolerance.

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